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IP Watch: Corbett Research, Bio-Rad, Hitachi Chemical, and Life Tech Win US Patents


Corbett Research has been awarded US Patent No. 8,271,205, "Method and system for analysis of melt curves, particularly dsDNA and protein melt curves."

Valin Reja, Alister Kwok, and Glenn Stone are named as inventors on the patent.

Relates to a computer-implemented method of analyzing melt curve data. The method comprises parameter model-fitting the melt curve data, performing a principal component analysis of the melt curve data, and utilizing the principal components for clustering the melt curve data into groups. The method allows an efficient analysis of variations in melt curve shape and position and enables statistical quantification of these variations for both supervised and unsupervised data sets. According to the patent abstract, current melt analysis methods neither allow for statistical measures of each unknown nor do they allow for the determination of unsupervised data sets (i.e., unknown number of groups present). Particularly, the method can be advantageous for identifying a specific sequence of dsDNA in a sample after performing PCR.

Bio-Rad has been awarded US Patent No. 8,268,984, "Detection of Salmonella by real-time multiplex PCR."

Jean-Philippe Tourniaire is named as inventor on the patent.

Relates to the detection of Salmonella by nucleic acid amplification, and particularly to primer and probe oligonucleotides that can be used in multiplex to detect Salmonella using real-time amplification. The oligonucleotides detect all group I serovars, and have an increased Salmonella detection range in that they cover the seven Salmonella groups. They also have an increased sensitivity, without loss in specificity, according to the patent's abstract.

Hitachi Chemical has been awarded US Patent No. 8,268,982, "Primers and probes for the detection of HIV."

Masato Mitsuhashi is named as inventor on the patent.

Provides primer/probe sets useful for detecting HIV (HIV-1) in a test sample. The primer/probe sets can be employed according to nucleic acid amplification procedures including PCR, real-time quantitative PCR, or RT-PCR. The primer/probe sets can also be provided in the form of a kit with other reagents for performing a nucleic acid amplification reaction.

Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,268,978, "Modified oligonucleotides and applications thereof."

Khairuzzaman Mullah and Zhaochun Ma are named as inventors on the patent.

Discloses primers containing certain modified nucleobases in their 3' terminal regions that provide reduced formation of primer-dimers during amplification reactions; and various methods of use thereof.

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