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IP Watch: Canon US Life Sciences, Life Tech, PreAnalytix Win US Patents


Canon US Life Sciences has been awarded US Patent No. 8,180,572, "High-resolution melting analysis."

Weidong Cao is named as inventor on the patent.

Relates to methods and systems for analyzing the dissociation behavior of nucleic acids and identifying nucleic acids. In one aspect, the patent provides methods and systems for resolving a denaturation curve of a sample containing a first and second nucleic acid into a resolved denaturation curve for the first nucleic acid and a resolved denaturation curve for the second nucleic acid.

Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,178,296, "Methods and reagents for preserving RNA in cell and tissue samples."

Eric Lader is named as inventor on the patent.

Relates to the field of molecular biology and provides novel methods and reagents for preserving and protecting the RNA content of samples from degradation prior to RNA isolation. This preservation may be accomplished without ultra-low temperature storage or disruption of the tissue.

PreAnalytix has been awarded RE43,389, a reissuance of US Patent No. 6,776,959, "Vessel for blood sampling."

Elke Helftenbein is named as inventor on the patent.

Relates to a vessel for withdrawing blood, the vessel containing a solution comprising as components a guanidinium salt, a buffer substance, a reducing agent, and/or a detergent. The vessel is particularly suited for withdrawing blood that is to be analyzed with respect to nucleic acids.

The Scan

Interfering With Invasive Mussels

The Chicago Tribune reports that researchers are studying whether RNA interference- or CRISPR-based approaches can combat invasive freshwater mussels.

Participation Analysis

A new study finds that women tend to participate less at scientific meetings but that some changes can lead to increased involvement, the Guardian reports.

Right Whales' Decline

A research study plans to use genetic analysis to gain insight into population decline among North American right whales, according to CBC.

Science Papers Tie Rare Mutations to Short Stature, Immunodeficiency; Present Single-Cell Transcriptomics Map

In Science this week: pair of mutations in one gene uncovered in brothers with short stature and immunodeficiency, and more.