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IP Watch: Bio-Rad, Qiagen, Hologic, Others Win US Patents


Bio-Rad has been awarded US Patent No. 8,784,753, "Thermal cycler with self-adjusting lid."

Jeffry Ceremony, Daniel Chu, Deepak Doshi, Rhoel Rumbaoa, Dennis Loring, Paul Patt, and Cliff Baldwin are named as inventors.

Qiagen has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,120, "Method for the treatment of a sample containing biomolecules."

Christian Korfhage, Friederike Wilmer, Dirk Loffert, Ralf Himmelreich, Claudia Fritz, and Kathleen Rieske are named as inventors.

Gen-Probe (Hologic) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,125, "Compositions, reaction mixtures and methods for detecting nucleic acids from type A1 and/or type C1 human papillomavirus."

Sylvia Norman, Jennifer Bungo, William Hanna, and Neeraj Rao are named as inventors.

Applied Biosystems (Thermo Fisher Scientific) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,126, "Methods for the reduction of stutter in microsatellite amplification."

Sulekha Coticone and William Bloch are named as inventors.

Bio-Id Diagnostic has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,130, "Use of markers including nucleotide sequence based codes to monitor methods of detection and identification of genetic material."

Thuraiayah Vinayagamoorthy is named as the inventor.

Abbott Laboratories has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,131, "Prognostic test for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)."

Larry Morrison and John Coon are named as inventors.

Defence Research & Development Organisation has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,133, "Oligonucleotides and process for detection of swine flu virus."

Manmohan Parida, Jyoti Shukla, Santhosh Sannarangiah, Sashi Sharma, Venkata Rao, and Rajagopalan Vijayaraghavan are named as inventors.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,414, "Differentially expressed microRNAs as biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of Sjogren's syndrome."

Ilias Alevizos and Gabor Illei are named as inventors.

The Johns Hopkins University has been awarded US Patent No. 8,785,614, "Aberrantly methylated genes in pancreatic cancer."

Michael Goggins and Norihiro Sato are named as inventors.

The Scan

Another Resignation

According to the Wall Street Journal, a third advisory panel member has resigned following the US Food and Drug Administration's approval of an Alzheimer's disease drug.

Novavax Finds Its Vaccine Effective

Reuters reports Novavax's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19.

Can't Be Used

The US Food and Drug Administration says millions of vaccine doses made at an embattled manufacturing facility cannot be used, the New York Times reports.

PLOS Papers on Frozen Shoulder GWAS, Epstein-Barr Effects on Immune Cell Epigenetics, More

In PLOS this week: genome-wide association study of frozen shoulder, epigenetic patterns of Epstein-Barr-infected B lymphocyte cells, and more.