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White House

President-elect Donald Trump considers other candidates for director of the National Institutes of Health, Nature News reports.

For Science Advice

Technology Review points out that a new US presidential science advisor hasn't been selected.

The law contains provisions that proponents say will advance precision medicine and speed new tests to market, but critics worry if this will come at a cost to public health.

The Wall Street Journal says President-elect Donald Trump's pick to lead the Department of Health and Human Services traded medical company stock while supporting legislation affecting such firms.

Wired speaks with John Holdren, the outgoing presidential science advisor, about his role.

Key provisions of the legislation include additional funding for key National Institutes of Health programs, as well as a streamlining of the US Food and Drug Administration's approval process.

NIH Director Francis Collins tells Stat News that, if asked, he would stay on for the incoming Trump Administration.

Bloomberg reports that President-elect Donald Trump is considering Jim O'Neill for Food and Drug Administration commissioner.

After passing the House of Representatives last week, the legislation is now set to go before President Barack Obama, who said he will sign it into law.

The heads of 29 scientific societies and some 2,300 researchers call on President-elect Donald Trump to rely on and support science in two separate letters.


A New Zealand minister says the country's genetic modification laws need to be re-examined to help combat climate change, the New Zealand Herald reports.

A new analysis finds some cancers receive more nonprofit dollars than others.

An Australian mother's conviction in the deaths of her children may be re-examined after finding that two of the children carried a cardiac arrhythmia-linked gene variant.

In Science this week: comparative analysis of sex differences in mammal gene expression, and more.