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White House


The Los Angeles Times writes that Operation Warp Speed has an ambitious timeline for developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

President Donald Trump announced the US would be leaving the World Health Organization, NBC News reports.

Nobel laureates and scientific societies urge NIH and the Department of Health and Human Services to revisit the recent decision to end funding for a coronavirus grant.

President Donald Trump renews his call in a letter to cease US funding of the World Health Organization if the agency doesn't make changes, USA Today reports.

The Lancet's Critique

Lancet editorial criticizes the US pandemic response and the minimization of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's role in the response.

The New York Times reports that a federal watchdog group has recommended Rick Bright be reinstated to his former post during its investigation of his whistleblower claims.

Already Behind

NPR reports the US was behind on its payments to the World Health Organization when President Trump announced he'd be cutting off funding.

Going or Staying

President Donald Trump said Tuesday the US coronavirus task force would be winding down, but then reversed himself Wednesday, saying it would continue its work indefinitely, CNBC reports.

Funding Gone

According to Politico, a project studying how coronaviruses spread from bats to people has lost its federal US funding.

Questions swirl regarding whether Alex Azar, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, may soon be out of a job, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Nature News reports that recent proposed changes to the US National Science Foundation have raised concerns about a shift away from the agency's focus on basic research.

Noel Rose, the "father of autoimmunity," has died at 92, the Washington Post reports.

According to CNN, Legionella was discovered in buildings leased by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they reopened following coronavirus pandemic-related closures.

In PLOS this week: genetic analysis of malaria parasite populations in Southeast Asia, genomic surveillance of yellow fever virus in São Paulo, and more.