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Wellcome Sanger Institute

A comparative genomics approach finds that the ancestors of Eurasians likely took the northern route out of Africa through Egypt.

Researchers from the Sanger Institute used genomic sequencing to study how somatic mutations build up prior to becoming cancerous. 

Of 1,832 typhoid samples sequenced from 63 countries, 47 percent originated from a multi-drug resistant stain known as H58.

Researchers profiled genetic patterns in nearly two-dozen individuals from the Kalash population, a culturally distinct group living in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

When researchers find information relating to preventable or treatable life-threatening disease, 98 percent of the respondents said they wanted to be informed.

New analytical approaches combine single-cell RNA-seq profiles with in situ gene expression markers to place sequenced cells in a spatial context.

The consortium currently has phenotype data for more than 1,100 mouse knockout strains and hopes to have as many as 5,000 by next year

A Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute-led team reported that mutations associated with leukemia appear to be an almost inevitable part of aging.

The partners will map genomic variation and study its effects on patient outcomes to provide a resource for the prognosis of cancer patients and to help guide treatment for them. 

For-profit organizations will be charged an annual fee to download COSMIC content that will vary depending on the organization's size and manner of using the resource.


A tissue sample from the 1960s harbors a near-complete sample of HIV, IFLScience reports.

A new bill would reshape the US National Science Foundation to include a focus on technological development, according to Science.

The Food and Drug Administration's decision to halt a SARS-CoV-2 study has drawn criticism, according to Stat News.

In Genome Biology this week: features affecting gut microbiome and parasite patterns, cellular interactions in lung tumor microenvironment, and more.