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Title: Inhibition of Versican with siRNA and Other Molecules
Patent Number: 8,410,067
Filed: Oct. 31, 2008
Lead Inventor: Thomas Wight, Benaroya Research Institute

Title: microRNA as a Cancer Progression Indicator and Its Use for Treating Cancer
Patent Number: 8,404,437
Filed: March 29, 2011

Title: Methods for Detection and Quantitation of Small RNAs
Patent Number: 8,399,221
Filed: Nov. 4, 2008
Lead Inventor: Daniel Kim, SA Biosciences

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Genetic Technologies today said that the US Patent and Trademark Office has affirmed the validity of certain claims of a primary non-coding DNA patent held by the Australian firm.

Title: RNA Sequence-Specific Mediators of RNA Interference
Patent Number: 8,394,628
Filed: Oct. 4, 2010
Lead Inventor: Thomas Tuschl, Max Planck Institute

Title: microRNA Expression Abnormalities in Pancreatic Endocrine and Acinar Tumors
Patent Number: 8,389,210
Filed: Feb. 4, 2010
Lead Inventor: Carlo Croce, Ohio State University

Title: Methods for Quantification of microRNAs and Small Interfering RNAs
Patent Number: 8,383,344
Filed: June 1, 2009
Lead Inventor: Nana Jacobsen, Exiqon

Title: microRNA-Based Methods and Compositions for the Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Lung Cancer Using miR-17-3p
Patent Number: 8,377,637
Filed: March 30, 2011

Title: Method of Diagnosing Acute Lymphomic Leukemia Using miR-146a
Patent Number: 8,372,586
Filed: Oct. 17, 2011
Inventor: Carlo Croce, Ohio State University

Title: Screening of microRNA Cluster Inhibitor Pools
Patent Number: 8,367,318
Filed: July 21, 2008
Lead Inventor: Anja Smith, Dharmacon (Thermo Fisher Scientific)


Retraction Watch reports that a paper was pulled because it refers to a gene that doesn't exist in mice.

Researchers were able to generate fertilized northern white rhinoceros eggs, according to Mashable.

Former Orig3n employees raise concerns about its testing at Bloomberg Businessweek.

In PLOS this week: microRNA expression changes in hepatocellular carcinoma, real-time PCR-based approach for diagnosing schistosomiasis, and more.