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Title: Dock-and-Lock Complexes for Delivery of Interference RNA
Patent Number: 8,491,914
Filed: Dec. 9, 2010
Lead Inventor: Chien-Hsing Chang, IBC Pharmaceuticals

Title: SnoRNAi-Small Nucleolar RNA Degradation by RNA Interference in Trypanosomatids
Patent Number: 8,486,910
Filed: March 12, 2012

Title: Nucleic Acids Involved in Viral Infection
Patent Number: 8,481,506
Filed: Dec. 5, 2007
Lead Inventor: Isaac Bentwich, Rosetta Genomics

Title: Method to Trigger RNA Interference
Patent Number: 8,476,422
Filed: Aug. 24, 2011
Lead Inventor: James Carrington, Oregon State University

Title: Compositions and Methods for Selective Inhibition of VEGF
Patent Number: 8,470,792
Filed: Dec. 4, 2009
Lead Inventor: Phillip Frost, Opko Health (RXi Pharmaceuticals)

Title: Method and Compositions Involving microRNA
Patent Number: 8,465,914
Filed: July 2, 2012
Lead Inventor: David Brown, Asuragen

Title: Compositions and Methods to Treat Asthma
Patent Number: 8,461,125
Filed: Aug. 13, 2010
Inventor: Michael Grunstein, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Title: microRNA Expression in Human Peripheral Blood Microvesicles and Uses Thereof
Patent Number: 8,455,199
Filed: Sept. 12, 2008
Lead Inventor: Clay Marsh, Ohio State University

Title: Pharmaceutical Composition of Nanoparticles
Patent Number: 8,449,915
Filed: Dec. 8, 2010
Lead Inventor: Hsing-Wen Sung, GP Medical

Title: Vaccine Compositions and Methods for Treatment of Mucormycosis and Other Fungal Diseases
Patent Number: 8,444,985
Filed: March 19, 2010


A new analysis founds that nearly half the late-stage clinical trials sponsored by a US National Cancer Institute program influence patient care.

Technology Review reports that sickle cell patients are optimistic about gene editing to treat their disease, but are worried about how available it will be.

The owner of the GEDmatch website tells CBS12 he is considering charging law enforcement a fee to use the site.

In Nature this week: babies born by caesarean section are more likely to have altered gut microbiota profiles, and more.