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Uppsala University

By Monica Heger
This story was originally published on Aug. 30.

The team tested 11 different microarray platforms for the ability to detect CNVs and found that current methods of analysis only detect a portion of the CNVs in the genome in any given experiment.

By sequencing pooled DNA from eight domestic chicken populations and one wild population, an international team has started identifying signals of selection linked to domestication in the chicken genome.

The researchers, led by Jonas Blomberg of the Department of Medical Sciences at Uppsala University, developed a new probe to target the highly variable influenza A target sequence. The probe, called MegaBeacon, is described as a "hybrid" between a molecular beacon and a TaqMan probe.

Based on their analysis of almost two dozen ancient DNA samples, a team of Swedish, Danish, and British researchers has concluded that Scandinavians likely descended from agricultural people who migrated to the region rather than from hunter-gatherers.

Using Roche 454 sequencing, a team of Swedish researchers has produced the draft genome of a giardiasis-causing parasite.

BioArray Briefs: 2009.02.17


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Two COVID-19 vaccine developers have released their trial protocols to build public trust, the New York Times reports.

A new analysis finds the rapid COVID-19 test from DnaNudge to be highly accurate, Reuters reports.

In Science this week: global citizens' assembly on genome-editing technologies proposed, epigenetic markers predict metformin response, and more.

According to the Verge, many US states are not including positive results from rapid COVID-19 testing in their case numbers.