University of Leuven

Several European lab directors interviewed by BioArray News said the switch occurred over the past year as a result of falling array prices and because lab techs have become more confident in their ability to interpret results as they have gained more experience with the technology.

Oxford Gene Technology announced last week that the Center of Human Genetics in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven recently began assessing its CytoSure arrays for use in prenatal screening.

Researchers at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven plan to upgrade the tool, called Endeavour, to help users look at promising candidate genes across organisms. They are also keen to license the tool to pharmas and biotechs.


A new study finds that a placental protein linked with preeclampsia can be targeted by RNA silencing, according to the New Scientist.

A settlement is expected in a Duke University lawsuit hinging on using falsified data to win grants, Retraction Watch and Science report.

In PNAS this week: approach for analyzing the expression of endogenous retroviruses, circular RNAs that influence host-virus interactions, and more.

A phylogenetic analysis finds that the rare hemimastigotes form their own supra-kingdom, CBC reports.