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UNC Chapel Hill

Using a variety of genetic approaches, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have shown that some SNPs previously linked to atherosclerosis risk can affect the splicing of a long, non-coding RNA that's found in both circular and linear forms in human cells.

The grant will fund genomics studies of families suffering from high incidences of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

"We often try to have these heroic 50,000-patient studies out there. Really, a little bit of biological plausibility is all that is needed," said Howard McLeod, head of the Pharmacogenetics in Every Nation Initiative.


Researchers uncovered the HIV virus within a tissue sample collected in 1966, the Atlantic reports.

Nature News reports there are a handful of clinical trials underway to evaluate vaginal microbiome seeding of newborns born via caesarian section.

The Washington Post writes that humans may have contributed to the extinction of cave bears some 20,000 years ago.

In PLOS this week: gene variant may protect against trypanosomiasis, GLIS3 role in type 2 diabetes, and more.