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UNC Chapel Hill

This article has been updated to clarify funding sources for the investigators who won the awards.
By a GenomeWeb staff reporter

By Doug Macron
About a year and a half after its founding, siRNA delivery firm Qualiber has secured a $30,000 low-interest loan from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to help it with non-scientific startup activities.

Scott Hammond
Associate professor, cell and developmental biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

In a recent commentary in Genetics in Medicine, Jonathan Berg and co-authors outlined a binning scheme for classifying variants that are found incidentally during whole-genome sequencing in order to decide which ones to report back to patients.

Greece's Golden Helix Institute is the new hub for Eastern Europe in UNC's PGENI, an international initiative to make genetic risk data available and affordable by genotyping the populations of various countries.

Biosigma, Canon, Advanced Liquid Logic, Duke University, Qiagen, and others win US patents.

Bioclassifier has licensed to NanoString the rights to develop in vitro diagnostic and research products based on the so-called PAM50 gene signature and NanoString's nCounter platform. Meantime, ARUP Laboratories will next month launch a laboratory-developed qPCR test based on the signature.

Using a variety of genetic approaches, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have shown that some SNPs previously linked to atherosclerosis risk can affect the splicing of a long, non-coding RNA that's found in both circular and linear forms in human cells.


Researchers tie a variant in ADAMTS3 to breathing difficulties in dissimilar dog breeds, according to Discover's D-brief blog.

The Japan Times reports that researchers sequenced the genome of a woman who lived during the Jomon period.

Parents of children with rare genetic disease have to contend with shifts in the interpretation of genetic variants, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In Science this week: single-nucleus RNA sequencing of brain tissue from individuals with autism, and more.