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UK government

The British Prime Minister promises £2 billion for scientific research, the Guardian reports.

A group of MPs says that EU researchers should be able to stay in post-Brexit UK, the Guardian reports.

By offering NIPT as a secondary screening test, the UK hopes to reduce the number of invasive diagnostic tests and associated miscarriages.

The UK government has announced that it will cover the cost of science projects currently supported by EU grants.

Theresa May tries to reassure researchers about the UK's commitment to science, New Scientist reports.

Assurances Sought

Seven UK academies say a "bold commitment" is needed from the government to keep British research and innovation strong in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Interviews with leading UK scientists revealed apprehension about losing access to European funding, limitations on freedom of movement, and an exodus of biotechs to the EU.

Already Left Out

Uncertainty in funding following the Brexit vote has led some UK researchers to be left out of European consortiums, the Guardian reports.

Researchers in the UK react to the vote there to leave the European Union.

Most researchers in the UK oppose leaving the European Union, Technology Review reports.


In Science this week: genetic analysis of pollutant-tolerant fish, and more.

Researchers have found a rare carbapenem resistance gene on a US pig farm, NBC News reports.

New York officials are considering the use of a familial DNA search to get a lead on a suspect in the strangulation death of a runner.

NIH Director Francis Collins has selected a retired Army major general and cardiologist for the CEO spot at the agency's embattled Clinical Center.