UK government

UK regulators have given the clinic the green light to offer the service, the Guardian reports.

Here it Comes

ScienceInsider reports that UK researchers are bracing themselves for the coming Brexit.

British researchers say they've been removed from EU grant applications, according to the Guardian.

'More than the Sum'

Mark Walport, who is to lead the new UK Research and Innovation organization, tells Nature News that it won't be a monolithic organization.

Mark Walport has been tapped to run UK Research and Innovation, according to ScienceInsider.

UK allows licenses for mitochondrial replacement therapy, Reuters reports.

Waiting to See

British and foreign researchers brace for the effects of the UK leaving the EU, the Associated Press reports.

The British Prime Minister promises £2 billion for scientific research, the Guardian reports.

A group of MPs says that EU researchers should be able to stay in post-Brexit UK, the Guardian reports.

By offering NIPT as a secondary screening test, the UK hopes to reduce the number of invasive diagnostic tests and associated miscarriages.


The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is investing in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's BioRxiv.

A study appearing in PLOS One finds that shortened consent forms don't affect clinical trial participants' understanding of the study.

The National Security Agency monitored signal intelligence for signs of "nefarious" genetic engineering projects, Gizmodo reports.

In Nature this week: barley genome sequenced, method for genotyping and phasing short tandem repeats, and more.