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The study concluded that a lack of evidence linking diagnostic tests to clinical outcomes has made payors skeptical, hindering the growth of personalized medicine.

After lengthy deliberations, the Tufts faculty decided that students for the time being would benefit from using anonymous genomes instead of their own data to explore societal, policy, and ethical issues related to personalized whole-genome testing.

A Tufts University research team has outlined their recommendations for incorporating genomic testing into a medical school curriculum based on experiences from a Tufts pilot program.

A survey by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development reveals that genomically targeted strategies and companion diagnostics are steadily gaining prominence among pharmaceutical companies' pipelines.

IP Roundup: Jul 13, 2010


Agilent Technologies, Affymetrix, Tufts University, ANP Technologies

The facility will house some 70 researchers and focus on "genome to organism" research, with the goals of advancing treatment of hereditary diseases, preventing birth defects, and facilitating tissue regeneration, according to the university.

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SRU Biosystems, California Institute of Technology, Intelligent Medical Devices, Columbia University, Tufts University, Edelmira Cabezas, University of Washington, Illumina, Stanford University, Agilent Technologies

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The Wall Street Journal looks into FamilyTreeDNA's handling of genetic genealogy searches by law enforcement.

In a point-counterpoint in the Boston Globe, researchers discuss the potential of gene editing to prevent Lyme disease, but also the pitfalls of doing so.

MIT's Technology Review reports that researchers hope to develop a CRISPR-based pain therapy.

In Science this week: atlas of malaria parasites' gene expression across their life cycles, and more.