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Allen Roses, Muin Khoury, Mary Relling, Martin Godbout

With a tide of data anticipated from St. Jude's ongoing genomic research, "the future's going to involve much more proteomics than we currently have capacity for."

Researchers at the AAAS annual meeting highlighted the use of ancestry markers and other genetic information rather than self-reported race for studying everything from disease association to population genetics.

Investigators from Washington University and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are teaming on a three-year, $65 million pediatric cancer genome sequencing project.

Using SNP microarrays and gene re-sequencing, a group of researchers from St. Jude Children's Hospital and the National Cancer Institute characterized more than 100 AML tumors, revealing a smaller-than-expected burden of copy number alterations and point mutations.

The study findings suggest the genetic variations could eventually help researchers design more effective chemotherapeutic agents for pediatric ALL.

According to a recent Bioinformatics paper, for each individual array, the proposed reference alignment procedure, or RAP, uses a set of selected markers as internal references to direct the signal alignment.

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Life Technologies, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, 454 Life Sciences, Applied Biosystems, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Bristol, University of Liverpool, John Innes Centre, Helicos BioSciences, Febit, and more…

At ABRF’s annual conference this week, its various research groups presented preliminary results from their studies. One study found that clinical labs had trouble detecting PSA using standard ELISAs, which to some degree was a validation of proteomics.


The chief executive of the National Health Service in England is to call for tumor-agnostic drugs to be "fast-tracked," according to the Times.

Researchers in Australia are sequencing the Wollemi pine tree to try to protect it from extinction, Australia's ABC News reports.

Computerworld ranks Illumina as one of the top midsize organizations to work at in IT.

In Genome Research this week: links between biological aging and mutations affecting epigenetic regulators; long-read sequencing-based strategy to map chromatin accessibility; and more.