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The funding will also support a partnership developing agricultural educational and training opportunities for students in genomics and bioinformatics.

A National Science Foundation-funded project aims to give researchers access to a network many times faster than the Internet.

Representative Lamar Smith brings back a provision to require the National Science Foundation to certify that each study it funds is "in the national interest."

The two-year award comes on the heels of the publication of a map of the Upland cotton genome by US and Chinese researchers.

The team is studying the DNA sequences responsible for key traits in rice in order to facilitate their use in crop improvement.

Budget Ups and Downs

The US House Appropriations Committee outlines its funding bill for the National Science Foundation and other agencies.

The scientists will try to develop a platform that can find and edit genes responsible for key traits such as plant yield and disease resistance.

The grant will help scientists uncover the genomic underpinnings of biodiversity in Africa using high-throughput sequencing and computational biology.

The National Science Foundation presents a new open-access policy for researchers it funds.

The US National Science Foundation tries to address issues brought up by lawmakers.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the struggle to meet the demand for rapid COVID-19 testing.

The Newsroom reports New Zealand is using genomics to trace the origins of its new coronavirus outbreak.

In Nature this week: researchers in Canada sequence the genome of the black mustard plant Brassica nigra, and more.

According to Bloomberg, Moderna has a $1.5 billion vaccine deal with the US to provide 100 million doses.