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'Careful' Notice

ScienceInsider says the US National Science Foundation's new rules on sexual harassment leave room for uncertainty.

US President Donald Trump has announced his budget plan for fiscal year 2019 that first calls for research funding cuts, but then erases them.

While the President's budget proposal would slash the NIH's budget by 27 percent, the White House is seeking additional funding to bring the agency's budget to its 2017 level.

The US National Science Foundation is adopting new rules aimed at combating sexual harassment among its grantees.

Little Bit Longer Now

A continuing resolution keeps the US government funded, but gives uncertainty to science agencies's budgets, ScienceInsider says.

The EDGE program was established to support the development of functional genomic tools and techniques for genome manipulation in model organisms.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute researchers have received a grant to combine biology and computer science for high school students.

Whenever You Want

US National Science Foundation is eliminating preproposals and will accept grant proposals at any time for biology, Science reports.

Warning on Funding

New Nobel Prize winners tell the Boston Globe that science funding these days is uncertain.

The center is  developing a method to generate synthetic polymers using reengineered E. coli cells.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the struggle to meet the demand for rapid COVID-19 testing.

The Newsroom reports New Zealand is using genomics to trace the origins of its new coronavirus outbreak.

In Nature this week: researchers in Canada sequence the genome of the black mustard plant Brassica nigra, and more.

According to Bloomberg, Moderna has a $1.5 billion vaccine deal with the US to provide 100 million doses.