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Here Are Some Hoops

The US National Institutes of Health outlines how it will be handling restrictions on fetal tissue research, according to ScienceInsider.

Researchers identified a new type 2 diabetes-associated site involving the ZRANB3 gene, which may have a role in regulating pancreatic beta cells.

Mostly Support

National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins tells NPR he has mostly received support for his pledge to avoid all-male scientific panels.

Disclosure Push

Science reports that the US National Institutes of Health's push to enforce disclosure of foreign ties may have led to the quiet dismissal of other researchers.

During an NIH meeting, researchers from four newborn sequencing research projects discussed results of their studies and future implications.   

James Wyngaarden Dies

James Wyngaarden, the former director of the US National Institutes of Health, has died at 94, according to Duke University School of Medicine.

US National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins says he will avoid male-only speaker panels.

An interim report finds that 18 percent of employees at the US National Institutes of Health experienced gender harassment within the past year, ScienceInsider reports.

Researchers from the Broad Institute and NIH characterized a CRISPR-associated transposase that can integrate DNA into unique sites in the E. coli genome.

The Trump Administration has curbed fetal tissue research in the US, the New York Times reports.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates more people get sick and die from drug-resistant germs than previously thought, the Washington Post reports.

According to the Associated Press, three universities and a healthcare institution are sharing a gift of $1 billion.

New rules seek to limit the type of scientific and medical research that can be used to guide public health regulations, the New York Times reports.

In Nature this week: FreeHi-C approach simulates Hi-C data from interacting genome fragments, and more.