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The vendors hope to help customers obtain funding from a new program called NIH Challenge Grants, which will set aside between $100 million and $200 million, and the National Centers for Research Resources, which will get an additional $300 million.

Funding Update: Mar 31, 2009


Sequencing-Related NIH Funding, FY 2009, through March 26, 2009

The funding will support the development of resources for specific and interdisciplinary biomedical research projects.

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Bloggers discuss the US stimulus, mandatory open access policies, the Vatican's take on evolution, and Merck's new venture.

The Recovery Act funds will fund genomics and biomarker studies for Autism disorders.

The so-called GO grants will give a total of $200 million to support researchers with "high impact ideas" and new science infrastructure centers.

The company is developing a pathway analysis tool for Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and schizophrenia.

Three new programs will fund administrative needs, expand ongoing research, and support summer studies.

The institutes should raise awards by around three percent from last year to reflect the budget increase.


A tissue sample from the 1960s harbors a near-complete sample of HIV, IFLScience reports.

A new bill would reshape the US National Science Foundation to include a focus on technological development, according to Science.

The Food and Drug Administration's decision to halt a SARS-CoV-2 study has drawn criticism, according to Stat News.

In Genome Biology this week: features affecting gut microbiome and parasite patterns, cellular interactions in lung tumor microenvironment, and more.