The consortium aims to advance the use of genomics in the clinic, with a particular  focus on diverse and underserved patient populations.

The funding will support groups participating in the Implementing Genomics in Practice II: Pragmatic Clinical Trials Network initiative.


The results from many clinical trials don't see the light of day, Vox reports.

Investigators identified candidate protein markers from aptamer-based proteomic profiles of samples from women with or without late-onset preeclampsia.

The partners will join the initiative's All of Us research program, which is gathering genetic, health, lifestyle, and environmental information from volunteers.

Persistent Gap

Researchers examine the gap in funding between researchers and research institutions, ScienceInsider reports

The list is intended to provide ClinVar a level of assurance about the quality of variant classification data submitted by clinical labs.

The agency aims to fund projects examining the ethical, legal, and social implications of human genome research.

A House bill would increase the US National Institutes of Health budget by 3 percent, but prohibit it from funding research that uses fetal tissue.

Past Just the One

NIH officials discuss the Common Rule's new single IRB policy for multisite studies in the American Journal of Bioethics.


The apple has traveled westward and eastward along the Silk Road, according to a new genetic analysis.

In Nature this week: GWAS data used to reposition drugs for psychiatric use, and more.

Genetic disease risk information doesn't always spur people to make healthy lifestyle changes, according to the Associated Press.

A University of California, San Diego-led team has used liquid biopsies to uncover possible treatments for patients with cancers of unknown primary.