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Stephen Kingsmore, Bud Mishra

"Our ability to have high accuracy and also affordable tests is dependent on the combination of the efficiency of our capture and our ability to analyze several hundred patients on one run of the sequencer," Good Start's CEO said.

NCGR has been exclusively using the Illumina Genome Analyzer as its next-generation sequencing platform. Adding the SOLiD machines is part of a strategy to diversify the center's offerings.

The service, offered by Illumina through subcontracting partners and available immediately, will focus solely on whole-genome sequencing services for large-scale projects.

The sequencing will be done on ABI's SOLiD, and over the next three months Emory plans to add sequencing-based testing for mitochondrial diseases, prostate cancer, hearing loss, cardiomyopathy, and various types of mental retardation.

Researchers did not detect recurrent differences in the genomes, epigenomes, or transcriptomes of identical twins with and without multiple sclerosis.

Isilon is helping NCGR link its eight Illumina Genome Analyzers into a centralized data storage resource.

NCGR recently compared four enrichment technologies — from Agilent, RainDance, Febit, and Olink — to determine how well they could detect a spectrum of known mutations.

"What's impressive is that they really have quite good coverage for outstanding quality, and that is what will allow this technology to catch people's attention," according to Pfizer's David Cox, one of the company's early-access customers.

Duke’s Genome center will use the money to develop diagnostic tools for upper respiratory disease.


The World Health Organization has announced the members of its gene-editing committee, according to NPR.

DARPA is working on developing algorithms that gauge the credibility of research findings, Wired reports.

The American Society of Breast Surgeons recommends all women diagnosed with breast cancer be offered genetic testing, the Washington Post says.

In Science this week: comparison of modern, historical rabbit exomes uncovers parallel evolution after myxoma virus exposure; and more.