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Short Reads: May 1, 2009


News in brief

Obama said that the US is in danger of slipping from its lead spot in science innovation and called for "a historic investment" in research and education that would fuel innovation as the GI Bill did a half-century ago.

The patent includes 19 claims related to the use of dsRNA for RNAi, including methods of reducing the expression of a gene, including those of mammalian or viral origin, with dsRNAs between 21 and 23 nucleotides in length, according to Alnylam.

A Beal official said that the developer withdrew the request "in order to provide time for more conversations with the neighbors and community" and that it plans to refile the petition "in the near future."

The institute has purchased 22 new Genome Analyzers for its biomedical research programs.

After going through a restructuring phase at the end of last year in which it temporarily laid off its entire staff, LightSpeed continues to develop its optical detection technology and plans to test it with a new sequencing chemistry this year.

Short Reads: Apr 7, 2009


Genome Analysis Centre, University of Barcelona, NIAID, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, J. Craig Venter Institute, University of Maryland, SeqWright, Hologic, BioReference Laboratories, GeneDx, University of Michigan, Genomatix Software, NHGRI

JCVI, MIT, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, will use the funds to conduct genome sequencing projects.

The Sloan School of Management study so far suggests that a greater degree of interdisciplinary collaboration within universities may lead to more entrepreneurship and technology transfer — but only to an extent.

Funding Update: Mar 31, 2009


Sequencing-Related NIH Funding, FY 2009, through March 26, 2009


An Associated Press report says China refrained from releasing the SARS-CoV-2 genome for more than a week in January, frustrating the World Health Organization.

The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have issued expressions of concern regarding the data used in two COVID-19 papers, the New York Times reports. 

Researchers have sequenced the genome of the mayfly, garnering insight into how insects evolved wings, Science reports.

In Genome Research this week: gene expression in primate brain regions, inversions and breakpoint inverted repeats in the human genome, and more.