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The patents add to others held by Myriad covering pancreatic cancer markers.

The grants will start two new centers at UNC and MCW, and extend those at Johns Hopkins and USC.

American researchers have garnered genetic and metabolomic evidence suggesting transplantation can alter the gut microbiome.

The most recent suit, filed last week, alleges that the researcher misrepresented and falsified data related to prostate cancer biomarkers after Onconome sponsored "millions of dollars" of research at his University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University labs to see if the technology could lead to a clinical diagnostic test for prostate cancer.

Scientific co-founders of Sentient, which is developing embolization therapy technology and site-specific drug delivery methods to treat cancer and other medical conditions, include researchers from Brown University and Johns Hopkins University.

By sequencing the entire PTK gene family in dozens of individuals with melanoma, NIH and Johns Hopkins researchers found ERBB4, or HER4, mutations in nearly a fifth of those tested, suggesting a subset of patients may respond to drugs targeting the gene.

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Christian Henry, Kathy Hudson, Joan Scott, Thomas Caskey, Carl Gordon, Pete Dominici, David Barker, Lynne Kielhorn

The so-called Activate for NIH program, which will match postdocs with entrepreneurs to create companies, builds upon the success of a previous NSF-funded initiative led by UMBC that trained mid-career women entrepreneurs to create tech-based startups in the state.

Using a data from a GWAS of almost 1,700 hepatitis C patients, researchers from Duke and Johns Hopkins University and Schering-Plough Research Institute have identified a biomarker for HCV treatment response.

Jenny Van Eyk and others at JHU have discovered that during myocardial ischemia, the albumin molecule can change, which may prove clinically relevant. Protea plans to apply the findings to develop products to analyze albumin from the bloodstream.


Nobel laureates and scientific societies urge NIH and the Department of Health and Human Services to revisit the recent decision to end funding for a coronavirus grant.

Bloomberg reports that BGI's SARS-CoV-2 testing sites in the Middle East have raised concerns among US officials.

A new Pew Research Center poll finds confidence in medical researchers has grown among US adults since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Science this week: machine learning algorithm for faster Mendelian disorder diagnoses, gene linked to safe response to nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates, and more.