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By sequencing and comparing two marine microbes, Australian, American, and Turkish researchers have identified genomic markers related to marine microbe nutrient use.

New Products: Aug 25, 2009


SoftGenetics NextGene, IMG 2.9

Paired Ends: Aug 18, 2009


Francis Collins, Raynard Kington, Stephen Hall, Jeffrey Moore, Svilen Tzonev, Lee Hood, George Church

The ARRA funding will give JGI $13 million for technologies for its biofuels programs.

JGI expects to generate about a third of a terabase of sequence data for CSP 2010 projects, about half on 454's sequencing platform, the other half using Illumina's technology.

JGI will support genomic sequencing studies of organisms used in its biofuel and other programs.

The microbial genomes system has been updated with new metagenomic materials, samples, and functions.

Researchers sequenced the genomes of two marine picophytoplankton isolates collected in the North Atlantic and South Pacific — work expected to lay the groundwork for a more complete understanding of plant evolution.


The firms will combine Innovative Biosensors' antibody technology with ProGenTech's Enture Lite platform to create a rapid diagnostic system.


A man has confessed to the rape and murder of developmental biologist Suzanne Eaton, according to the New York Times.

The Irish Times reports that US lawmakers and law enforcement agencies are concerned about ties between the US and Chinese genomics firms.

Parents of children with spinal muscular atrophy tell the Washington Post they are pushing to get insurance coverage of Novartis's Zolgensma.

In PNAS this week: gene mutations in individuals with syndromic craniosynostosis, putative colorectal cancer drivers, and more.