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Jackson Lab

A state Senator has introduced an incentive measure for Jackson Lab in the state's budget bill that would require the lab to provide more funding than previously envisioned for a planned site near Naples.

Richard Woychik has been president and CEO of the Jackson Laboratory since 2002, overseeing expansions of its facilities in Bar Harbor, Maine, and Sacramento, Calif.

New Product Watch: Mar 23, 2010


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Jackson Lab also plans to develop a research program for its planned Florida facility focused on translating genetic discoveries into new drugs, an official said this week.

Most of the $2.1 million grant will go to new hires and additional lab space for bioinformatics programs.

The lab expects to create 50 new jobs, and additional research jobs could be on the way due to stimulus funding.

The Jackson Lab is considering opening a facility in Naples, Fla., which would house a new institute focused on personalized medicine.

The Maine lab will use the grant to add bioinformatics hardware and extra lab space.

Both companies are offering users of second-generation sequencing systems new tools to select portions of the genome for targeted resequencing but have optimized their products for different sequencing platforms.

Core lab facilities try to keep their customers' research competitive with high-quality data and cutting-edge tools, but budget concerns and choosing the right technology make it a balancing act. Here's how they do it.


A small, early-stage trial of a combination therapy for brain cancer reports favorable responses in two patients, according to the Guardian.

Nature News writes that viral genomic surveillance in the US faces systemic issues.

President Joe Biden is seeking an increase in federal spending, including higher budgets for the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In PLOS this week: sex-stratified genome-wide association study of chronic pain, sequencing data from Indigenous Mexican groups, and more.