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Iowa State

The researchers will use Illumina sequencing and Roche NimbleGen comparative genomic-hybridization arrays to study the functional significance of genetic variation identified in 26 lines of maize.

Funding Update: Jul 9, 2010


Recent NSF Awards in Proteomics and Protein Research

After the decade-long effort to sequence B73, maize researchers like Schnable are turning to array comparative genomic hybridization and next-generation sequencing to untangle the differences between distinct breeds of maize, information that can help plant breeders select for better quality crops.

In more than a dozen papers out today, researchers from several different groups describe the corn genome sequencing project and its applications so far.

People Transfer: Apr 1, 2009


ISU names James Reecy director of Office of Biotechnology; Forma Therapeutics adds three to SAB; BIO's Brent Erickson to advise Energy Biosciences Institute

BioArray Briefs: 2009.03.03


Febit, READNA Consortium, US Department of Agriculture, Autogenomics, Oxford Gene Technology, Optra, Gene Logic, Genstruct, Global Biomarker Conference

The Animal Genome Program will support studies in 15 states for disease and genetics studies.

David Silver, Jan Bouten

People Transfer: Feb 18, 2009


David Silver joins Transfer Technology International's SAB


23andMe has launched a new tool that estimates someone's risk of developing severe COVID-19 if infected, Bloomberg reports.

The Guardian reports that Pasteur Institute researchers are halting their development of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine following disappointing initial results.

The Wall Street Journal reports that an increased number of younger patients have been hospitalized as the new SARS-CoV-2 strain spread across the UK.

In Cell this week: proteomic patterns among COVID-19 affected tissue samples, transcriptome atlas of developing intestines, and more.