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In phase two of a program started last year, 30-year-old women and men in five Alabama counties will be able to get an NGS-based cancer screening test for free over the next year.

Researchers took two complementary approaches to assemble the Xenopus laevis genome — whole-genome and long-insert clone-based end sequencing.

HudsonAlpha researchers are expected to sequence 20,000 patient tumor and non-tumor samples for ORIEN's Avatar initiative by 2019.

The agency has awarded five-year grants to three research institutions to promote education in genomic medicine among physicians and biomedical scientists.

Researchers at the Joint Genome Institute and elsewhere have been working on understanding the genomes of switchgrass and a close relative in order to use the plants to make better biofuels.

Dun stallions.

The dun coat pattern, believed to be ancestral in horses, appears to involve uneven distribution of a transcription factor encoded by TBX3.

In the first year, the clinic will see around 300 patients and sequence around 3,000 referred from other clinics to diagnose rare, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed diseases.

The institute also recently opened a fully accredited clinical sequencing laboratory that will provide clinically validated and interpreted genomic information to physicians.

A new clinic at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is to focus on using sequencing to diagnose rare diseases, reports.

Besides growing its customer base, Edico is launching new pipelines for its processor as well as prepping tools that will automate data transfer and other tasks to support clinical use.


In PNAS this week: carbapenem resistance in Enterobacteriaceae, selection against educational attainment-linked variants, and more.

Technology Review points out that a new US presidential science advisor hasn't been selected.

Researchers find that blood tests might be able to help determine severity of a concussion, Wired reports.

President-elect Donald Trump considers other candidates for director of the National Institutes of Health, Nature News reports.