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In a poll, European researchers want the UK to remain in the European Union, Nature says.

In for Science

A scientist and former MP argues that Britain needs to stay in the European Union for science's sake.

A new amendment to a draft European Union privacy bill gives investigators access to patient-derived data for medical research, ScienceInsider reports.

No Exit

Two UK postdocs argue that if Britain were to leave the European Union, UK science would suffer.

Two Oxford researches argue in the Guardian that leaving the EU would harm UK science.

The European Union is ponying up €19 million to support ELIXIR implementation through a four-year program that starts in September.

The COMPARE project will design a platform to share genomic data on pathogens to help speed up and improve response to disease outbreaks.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Cancer Genetics has received CE marking for its DNA probe-based in vitro diagnostic cervical cancer screening test, the company said today.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The European Union Parliament has approved a €3.45 billion ($4.77 billion) plan that will use funding from the EU and private and public sector partners to fund biomedical research programs aimed at improving biomarkers, clinical trials, new drugs, and programs that he

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The European Union plans to fund new research seeking to establish the clinical utility of epigenetic biomarkers for blood-based diseases under its Blueprint consortium program, a €30 million ($39.8 million) effort focused on advancing hematopoietic biomarkers.


23andMe is offering early customers re-testing on newer chips for a fee, Wired reports.

He Jiankui is no longer affiliated with Direct Genomics Biotechnology, the single molecule sequencing company he founded, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

Newsweek writes about the hopes for precision medicine in cancer, but also challenges getting it to patients.

In Genome Research this week: genomic architecture of glioblastoma, predictive computational approach to estimate SNP fitness, and more.