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A study of clinical geneticists in Europe found large percentages think some DTC genetic tests should require medical supervision or should be banned.

Among the suggestions the European Society of Human Genetics made in a recently published article are regulation of genetic tests, more studies to assess the clinical utility of genomics research, and genetic counseling to consumers.

The European Society of Human Genetics includes among its policy goals oversight for predictive medical genetic tests for utility and validity, marketing, privacy, consent, and counseling.


GenomeWeb reports that Veritas Genetics is suspending its US operations.

A Brazilian-led team of researchers reports it has generated a sugarcane genome assembly that encompasses more than 99 percent of its genome.

Certain plasma proteins could be used to gauge a person's age and whether they are aging well, according to HealthDay News.

In Science this week: approach to measure microRNA targeting efficiency, strategy to conduct high-throughput chemical screens at single-cell resolution, and more.