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Scientists who study sheep now have a new tool at their disposal.

Gen-Probe (Hologic) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,501,461, "System for performing multi-formatted assays."
Byron Knight and Haitao Li are named as inventors.

Olink of Uppsala, Sweden, has been awarded US Patent No. RE44,265, "Nucleic acid amplification method," a reissue of US Patent No. 7,790,388 of the same name.
Ulf Landegren and Mats Gullberg are named as inventors.

HandyLab (Becton Dickinson) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,088,616, "Heater unit for microfluidic diagnostic system."
Kalyan Handique is named as inventor on the patent.

The research collaborations will focus on rice and wheat, and researchers from the two institutions will share their latest research findings and determine areas where joint efforts may accelerate scientific discovery.

The technique, called acoustic microstreaming, improves cDNA yields from reverse transcription of single-cell quantities of RNA 10- to 100-fold over standard methods by promoting better reagent mixing — or "micromixing" — in standard PCR tubes.

Four genome sequencing and comparison studies are offering insights into the various strategies that plant pathogens have devised for infecting their hosts.

The three-year, $1.46 million project is expected to result in the acceleration of lupin crop improvements, such as drought tolerance, disease tolerance, and optimal flowering time.

Benitec said that it has also re-obtained a royalty stream paid by Sigma-Aldrich stemming from a license to its expressed RNAi technology for use in making and selling research products.


According to New Scientist, GEDmatch changed its terms and conditions over the weekend to opt its users out of law enforcement searches.

The Atlantic looks into time spent pursuing gene leads generated through candidate gene studies.

A twin study uncovers evidence that genes may influence whether someone gets a dog, Martha Stewart reports.

In PNAS this week: Cdx2 cells can help regenerate heart tissue in mice following a heart attack, PIWI-interacting small RNA levels in human cancer, and more.