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Inivata plans to use the new funds to accelerate clinical studies to validate its liquid biopsy technology platform and commercialize its first products.

The work identified specific groups of somatic mutations that might be ideal to hunt for in ctDNA to monitor tumor burden, guide treatment, or follow therapeutic response.

The institute will house more than 1,200 scientists researching cancer, heart disease, lung disease, infectious disease, and other ailments.

Cancer Research UK unveils seven 'grand challenges' that it will fund researchers to tackle.

An Institute of Cancer Research-led team conducted a meta-analysis that uncovered five new variants linked to glioma development, including one that greatly increases risk of glioblastoma.

Francis Crick's granddaughter has donated a sculpture to be auctioned at a fundraiser for the new Francis Crick Institute.

The CRUK team has assessed over 9,000 patients' tumors, published the results of the first 7,850 samples, and introduced a 28-gene NGS panel. 

The report cited cost and a lack of awareness of such testing among doctors as the main obstacles to greater adoption of MDx testing for cancer patients.

The centers in Oxford, Manchester, and Cambridge each received £5 million and will serve as research hubs to develop personalized medicine approaches to cancer. 

Cancer-ID is a newly created consortium tasked with validating blood-based biomarkers, such as CTC, cfDNA, and miRNA to bring liquid biopsies into the clinic.


In PNAS this week: miR-515 levels higher in women with preeclampsia, horizontal gene transfer in parasitic plants, and more.

A cancer researcher retracts 19 articles from one journal for image manipulation, according to Retraction Watch.

Precision medicine has to consider context in addition to genetic mutations in cancer treatment, Medscape reports.

Genomics may help the Cavendish banana from succumbing to fungal infections, a trio of researchers writes at the Conversation.