Warning on Funding

New Nobel Prize winners tell the Boston Globe that science funding these days is uncertain.

Genetic counselors and patient advocates say more people are refusing genetic testing because they're uncertain of how it will impact their insurance.

The New York Times writes that US lawmakers have rejected President Trump's proposal to cut NIH funding.

The bill, which was approved by a Senate subcommittee yesterday, would increase the National Institutes of Health's fiscal 2018 budget to $36.1 billion.

The bill would increase the NIH's fiscal 2018 budget to $36.1 billion — $2 billion more than the agency was allocated in the prior fiscal year.

For Fees

The US Senate passes two pieces of Food and Drug Administration-related legislation, the New York Times reports.

A senator wants a "right-to-try" provision in the US Food and Drug Administration funding bill, but an ethicist says at Stat News that it would undermine the role of clinical trials.

On a conference call, the firm's CEO said that it and other industry players are pushing to postpone implementation of PAMA to no earlier than July 1, 2018. 

With Strings

Lawmakers approve a flat budget for the US National Science Foundation, but suggest how to spend it, ScienceInsider reports.

A House bill would increase the US National Institutes of Health budget by 3 percent, but prohibit it from funding research that uses fetal tissue.


Labs in the US and South Korea are hoping to bring the woolly mammoth back from beyond extinction, Newsweek writes.

Geneticist Adam Rutherford speaks with National Geographic about paleogenetics, race, and more.

Researchers link genetic links between education and smoking and longevity.

In PNAS this week: influence of gene environment interactions on polygenic traits, epigenetic features affecting fruit fly foraging, and more.