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RNA sequencing on samples from three New England seals revealed a new picornavirus that appears to share a common ancestor with human hepatitis A virus.

Under the Genomic Translation for ALS Clinical Care project, the partners will perform next-generation sequencing and clinical phenotyping on 1,500 ALS patients.

Public health researchers argue in NEJM that precision medicine initiatives will take away from needed efforts to improve population health.

Scientists from Columbia University have developed a microfluidic device that can capture RNA from single cells on glass plates or beads.

A Columbia University team has retracted its integrative genomic analysis of Alzheimer's disease Nature paper due to research misconduct.

Mutations present in tissue from Barrett's esophagus may help predict progression to high-grade dysplasia or cancer.

Drug companies are rushing toward genomic databases to inform their searches for new drugs, Reuters reports.

Using chromosomal microarrays, a Columbia University Medical Center-led team identified large genomic imbalances in pediatric chronic kidney disease, linking them to other disorders.

With genotyping and retroelement insertion mapping, researchers identified a clonal form of leukemia that's transmitted horizontally between soft-shell clams.

Thirteen institutions and life sciences companies have teamed up to launch the free repository that will offer access to allele frequency information from genomes and exomes.


The US Department of Justice has proposed a rule change to enable DNA to be collected from migrants, the Associated Press reports.

Bernard Fisher, a surgeon who changed how breast cancer is treated, has died at 101, the New York Times reports.

Washington Post columnist writes that she is skeptical about DNA-based diets.

In PNAS this week: recurrent inactivation of DEPDC5 in gastrointestinal stromal tumors, taxonomic reliability of GenBank sequences, and more.