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Children's Mercy

By Monica Heger
2011 will likely be recognized as the year that genome sequencing broke out of the research realm and moved into the clinic.

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Darrell Dinwiddie, Neil Miller

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Stephen Kingsmore, Bud Mishra

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Panasonic, California Institute of Technology, Samsung Electronics, Children's Mercy Hospital, Affymetrix, Nanogen Recognomics, Stanford University


University of Idaho researchers model the scientific discovery process to examine the link between reproducibility and scientific truth.

A bill passed by a US House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee would give scientific agencies including the National Science Foundation boosts in funding.

Relocating USDA agencies outside of Washington, DC, may make them less effective, critics of the move tell NPR.

In PLOS this week: genes that help Borrelia burgdorferi survive in ticks, CiliaCarta collection of about 1,000 suspected cilia genes, and more.