Children's Mercy

By Monica Heger
2011 will likely be recognized as the year that genome sequencing broke out of the research realm and moved into the clinic.

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Darrell Dinwiddie, Neil Miller

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Stephen Kingsmore, Bud Mishra

IP Roundup


Panasonic, California Institute of Technology, Samsung Electronics, Children's Mercy Hospital, Affymetrix, Nanogen Recognomics, Stanford University


Thermo Fisher Scientific says it will no longer sell machines in China's Xinjiang region, according to the Wall Street Journal.

New Scientist reports that 20 percent of human and yeast proteins are uncharacterized.

The University of Zurich's Ruedi Aebersold and his colleagues analyzed a dozen HeLa cell lines to find differences in gene expression, protein levels, and more.

In Nature this week: protein-coding variants associated with body-fat distribution, and more.