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Canadian government

Can Chat Whenever

Canadian government researchers get a clause in their contract that gives them the right to talk about their work with the public, ScienceInsider reports.

The funding will support projects involving the use of genomic technologies to improve human health and agriculture, as well as to address key environmental challenges.

CVs at the Ready

Canada begins its search for a chief government science advisor, Nature News reports.

Giving It a Look-Over

Canada establishes panel to review the country's research efforts, ScienceInsider reports.


After nine years, the Canadian government is loosening its restrictions on government scientists' ability to speak to the press and public.

The latest Canadian budget includes funding increases for science agencies, ScienceInsider reports.

The country's health minister said the research could help detect plant pests and mislabeled seafood, among other benefits.

Lots to Do

Kirsty Duncan, the new Canadian science minister, has a bit of work ahead of her, Nature News writes.

Canada's new prime minister has created and filled a new science minister post, Nature News reports.

Many researchers in Canada applaud the recent election outcome, ScienceInsider reports.


In Nucleic Acids Research this week: nanopore sequencing workflow to detect antibiotic resistance in gut microbes, TSSPlant tool, and more.

Because gene-edited organisms can cross borders, Gizmodo wonders whether there should be an international body to govern their use.

HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price is to go in front of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions today, NPR's Morning Edition reports.

Prior to being closed, Theranos' Arizona lab failed an inspection by regulators, according to the Wall Street Journal.