Canadian government

The Canada Border Services Agency is using DNA testing and ancestry testing to deport migrants, Vice reports.

A commentary argues against overturning Canada's anti-genetic discrimination law, CBC News reports.

Speak, Speak

In a survey, about half of Canadian government scientists say they still feel as though they cannot speak freely, ScienceInsider reports.

The Canadian government is asking for the constitutionality of the country's new anti-genetic discrimination law to be assessed, Bloomberg BNA reports.

An independent review panel calls on the Canadian government to increase its science funding by a billion dollars, according to Nature News.

Staying Even

Research funding in Canada is to remain mostly the same, ScienceInsider reports.

Canadian lawmakers pass a genetic non-discrimination bill, CBC News reports.

Canadian lawmakers are to vote tomorrow on the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, the Canadian Press reports.

Can Chat Whenever

Canadian government researchers get a clause in their contract that gives them the right to talk about their work with the public, ScienceInsider reports.

The funding will support projects involving the use of genomic technologies to improve human health and agriculture, as well as to address key environmental challenges.


Researchers report using genotyping to tie together illegal ivory shipments and trace them back to a handful of cartels, the New York Times reports.

Researchers find that historical factors influence which genes are the most highly studied, the Atlantic reports.

The US National Science Foundation's new sexual harassment policy is to go into effect next month, according to Nature News.

In Nature this week: genomic ancestry analysis of Sardinians, current noncoding mutations in colorectal cancer, and more.