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Australian government

The alliance of hospitals, research groups, and academic institutes is tasked with implementing clinical genomics programs in Australia's state of Victoria. reports Cathy Foley, an applied physicist, is to be Australia's next chief scientist.

Nature News reports that Australia's new budget includes AUS$1 billion in research funding to universities

A pilot study enrolling up to 15 patients will validate CapeDx's utility to match patients to approved drugs and clinical trials based on whole-genome and tumor sequencing.

The grants were awarded as part of Australia's Genomics Health Futures Mission, which was launched in 2018 as part of a broader health research initiative.

The national project has developed infrastructure for implementing genomics into clinical care and is now studying clinical utility and cost effectiveness.

Following the launch of GenoVic last year, the organization is working to get more centers on the platform and figure out its role in an A$500M national initiative.

The Australian government has announced that it is cutting research funding, Nature News says.

Cap Proposed

Australian insurers propose a cap for insurance policies below which customers don't have to disclose adverse genetic testing results, according to the Australian.

Stopped the Funds

An Australian minister stopped the funding of 11 humanities projects selected through peer review, raising concerns among academics, Nature News reports.


Bloomberg reports AstraZeneca may conduct another study of its candidate SARS-CoV-2 vaccine after dosing error.

Moderna is applying for an Emergency Use Authorization for its coronavirus vaccine, according to the New York Times.

The National Health Service is to conduct a trial of Grail's blood-based screening test for cancer.

In PLOS this week: somatic mutation patterns of glioblastomas among Lebanese patients, phenome-wide study using UK Biobank data, and more.