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Paired Ends: Oct 26, 2010


Pierre Meulien, Paul Ventura, Marie-Claire King, David Gelfand, Joan Cronin

An ASHG task force has issued a white paper urging stakeholder cooperation in addressing the vague and confusing nature of ancestral genetic information presented in consumer services.

At the American Society of Human Genetics meeting yesterday, members of the 1000 Genomes Project described their progress so far and the rationale for the main phase of the study.


Bloomberg Law writes that the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act may work better as a privacy, rather than anti-discrimination, law.

TechCrunch reports that Linda Avey has a new personal genomics startup that's focusing on India.

A new report finds that though the US has increased its activity in science and engineering, its global share of that activity has fallen in some areas, according to Inside Higher Ed.

In Nature this week: genomic analysis of rapeseed, universal target enrichment method for metagenomic sequencing, and more.