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The new data center will establish a strong foundation for research into the genetic causes of common diseases and how to prevent them.

The projects focus on early treatment of prostate cancer and cataloguing mutations in difficult-to-diagnose diseases, among other things. 

This Week in Science

In Science this week: convergent evolution in bird hemoglobin, and more.

A study appearing in Genetics of Danish high school students finds that the population of Denmark is rather homogenous.

The Copenhagen-based company continues its relationship with Aarhus University Hospital by licensing the prostate cancer biomarkers.

The pipeline offers tools and protocols for analyzing data from reduced representation and whole-genome bisulphite sequencing procedures.

Exiqon announces an exclusive agreement with Aarhus University Hospital to license prostate cancer biomarkers discovered and validated by the hospital.

turkey vulture

A Danish-led team used 16S ribosomal RNA sequencing and metagenomic sequencing to characterize microbial communities in the guts of New World vultures.

The main application areas for the FFPE analysis platform "will be molecular diagnostics research and re-analysis of pre-clinical trials where drugs have failed despite relatively high rates of positive responses," CLC Bio said.


In Science this week: metagenomic-based technique for determining protein structure, and more.

An academic laments the rise of narcissism in the sciences, the Guardian reports.

Outgoing FDA commissioner Robert Califf writes in an editorial that the agency can help boost innovation.

The Trump transition team has asked NIH Director Francis Collins to remain at his post, though it's unclear for how long that will be.