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podcast series

The GenomeWeb/Mendelspod Podcast Series

GenomeWeb and Mendelspod are partnering on a podcast series that will highlight key emerging trends in genomics and precision medicine. These podcasts will be co-produced by Mendelspod and GenomeWeb’s team of journalists, combining the strengths of the most experienced newsroom in the life science market with the industry’s most prominent podcast producer.

Newborn Sequencing Series

The State of Newborn Sequencing in 2023: A Panel Discussion

Posted September 21, 2003

As genomic medicine takes hold in the clinic, there are ever more reasons to do whole-genome sequencing at birth as a screen for all babies, but should this be the new standard of care? This panel discussion, let by Mendelspod host Theral Timpson, covers a range of questions surrounding the opportunities and challenges of newborn sequencing.


David Bick, Principal Clinician for the Newborn Genomes Programme at Genomics England and the former Faculty Investigator and Chief Medical Officer at HudsonAlpha.

Robin Lachmann, a consultant in adult inherited metabolic disease at the University College London Hospitals. He also serves as the national specialty advisor for metabolic disorders for England’s National Health Service.

Paul Kruszka, Chief Medical Officer at GeneDx, a diagnostics lab that has partnered on the US-based GUARDIAN (Genomic Uniform-screening Against Rare Diseases in All Newborns) study.

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Newborn Sequencing 2023 Part II: What Evidence Is Enough?

Posted November 7, 2023

His podcast features a panel of four guests who attended the International Conference on Newborn Sequencing held at the Royal Institution in London in October 2023. At the conference, researchers representing 12 newborn sequencing research programs in the US, the UK, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East discussed their progress to date and future plans. This discussion touches on highlights of the conference and provides insights on the field going forward. 


Julia Karow, Managing Editor at GenomeWeb. She has covered genomics, with a focus on next-generation sequencing technology, for more than 20 years. 

Robert Green, a physician-scientist who directs the Genomes2People Research Program in translational genomics and health outcomes. He also co-chairs the International Consortium on Newborn Sequencing, the group which hosted the conference.

Wendy Chung, Chair of Pediatrics in Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. She directs the GUARDIAN (Genomic Uniform-screening Against Rare Diseases in All Newborns) study.

James Buchanan, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics at Queen Mary University in London. He does research into the health economics of precision medicine and genetic testing, including newborn screening.

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