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Thermo Fisher Scientific TrueMark STI Select Panel

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Applied Biosystems TrueMark STI Select Panel, a PCR-based research-use-only test designed to simultaneously detect Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas vaginalis, and Mycoplasma genitalium. The test also targets RNase P as a human internal control. The assay can be performed with samples collected from vaginal or genital swabs in one reaction well and is optimized for use with QuantStudio real-time PCR instruments. These samples can also be prepared using workflows that currently exist in most labs that use the Applied Biosystems MagMax Viral/Pathogen kits automated on a KingFisher Purification System instrument and mixed with the Applied Biosystems multiplex master mix onto a 96-well or 384-well plate. The TrueMark STI Select Panel is sold as a combo kit, which includes the STI panel assay, master mix and positive controls.