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Thermo Fisher Scientific QualTrak qPCR Tools, TaqPath BactoPure Master Mix

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a suite of QualTrak qPCR tools for the biopharmaceutical industry. They include Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR systems and TaqMan and TaqPath master mixes and assays. They come with compliance documentation to reduce time required to comply with internal quality systems and regulatory requirements and are manufactured at an ISO 13485-certified, US Food and Drug Administration-registered facility that adheres to cGMP manufacturing requirements.

In addition, Thermo Fisher has released the Applied Biosystems TaqPath BactoPure master mix for low-level microbial detection. It can detect as little as one DNA copy per microliter from bacterial, viral, fungal, and mammalian sources and can be used by infectious disease test developers to identify antibiotic resistance markers in clinical research samples.