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Thermo Fisher Scientific Immune Repertoire Assays For Hemato-Oncology Research

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a new suite of research-use-only Ion Torrent Oncomine immune repertoire assays designed to detect potentially malignant clones of T cells and B cells. Using Ion AmpliSeq technology, the new Oncomine pan-clonality assays target multiple parts of the B- and T-cell immune receptors using a single reaction with ultra-high sensitivity, increasing the probability of malignant clone detection and decreasing time to results.

The new assays also overcome the challenge presented by current next-generation sequencing-based immune repertoire analysis of having to run multiple secondary tests due to the high test-failure rates, Thermo Fisher said. The assays uniquely target multiple parts of the receptor to reduce the need for secondary tests and increase the probability that a single assay can detect a potentially malignant clone.

The new suite of immune repertoire assays are available on the Ion GeneStudio S5 System and feature integrated analysis and data visualization tools that simplify the interpretation of results for laboratories and healthcare professionals, the company said.