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Telo Genomics TeloViewSMM

Telo Genomics has launched the TeloViewSMM system to clinicians in the US. Combining molecular biology and artificial intelligence, the diagnostic platform enables six-factor quantitative analysis of 3D telomeres, which are the protective end caps of chromosomes. The company said TeloView has the potential to characterize multiple cancers, identify their current level of genomic instability, and predict their progression. The company's initial clinical launch is focused on testin in cases of "smoldering multiple myeloma," a precursor for multiple myeloma. The test is currently available for physicians to order under an observational study called SMART (Smoldering Multiple myeloma Assessment of Risk for Transformation). While the initial launch will be conducted within a single-site laboratory-developed test model, Telo said it aims to eventually move into commercial-scale test delivery in partnership with large reference labs where FISH and microscopy resources are available and scalable.