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SPT Labtech Firefly Liquid Handling Platform

SPT Labtech this week launched the Firefly liquid handling platform for next-generation sequencing library prep. Firefly combines pipetting, dispensing, incubating, and shaking into a single platform. It features a 384-pipetting module and three or six dispense heads, and the pipetting operates in several configurations: 384, 96, columns of 16 (364 format), and columns of 8 (96 format), from 0.5 µL to 125 µL (extending to 50 µL with an optional adapter). The platform is fully application ready with prevalidated protocols for library preparation kits NEBNext Ultra II DNA; NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA; NEBNext Ultra II RNA; and Illumina DNA Prep with a rolling program of new validated protocols in development. In addition, a peer-to-peer cloud-based network will allow researchers to share their custom protocols and use SPT Labtech's validated tools.