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SeqWell Tagify i5 UMI Adapter-Loaded Transposase Reagents

SeqWell has launched a new portfolio of Tagify loaded-transposase reagents, including Tagify i5 Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI) adapter-loaded Tn5 transposase.

SeqWell will also offer loading of transposases, including its TnX transposase, with customer-specified oligonucleotides. The Tagify portfolio provides fully quality-controlled, loaded transposases with a defined level of enzyme activity and payload verification. This eliminates the need of laboratories to purify, load, and characterize the final loaded transposase.

Tagify i5 UMI adapter-loaded transposase reagents support gene editing analysis assays, such as the UdiTaS method, that rely on tagmentation to simultaneously fragment and tag genomic DNA with Illumina-compatible adapters using a highly scalable workflow. These off-the-shelf reagents are available as a set of either 24 or 96 transposases each containing an i5 barcode and a UMI for high-throughput applications.