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Scale Biosciences ScalePlex

Scale Biosciences (ScaleBio) has launched ScalePlex, a single-cell RNA sequencing multiplexing technology designed to simplify large-scale single-cell genomics studies. ScalePlex overcomes the limitations of traditional lipid- or antibody-based single-cell multiplexing technologies by using a modified oligo tag added during fixation. The simple workflow eliminates the need for individual fixation and washing steps prior to sample pooling, and eliminates upfront optimizations or titrations, the company said. ScalePlex preserves precious samples, making it particularly valuable for researchers working with small biological tissue samples, such as those used in oncology and neuroscience experiments, the company added. The technology also supports large-scale CRISPR screening studies including high-throughput drug screening applications across many samples and conditions at single-cell resolution, ScaleBio said.