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Qiagen TissueLyser III, RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit

Qiagen has launched the TissueLyser III instrument and the RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit.

TissueLyser III is a high-throughput bead mill instrument that disrupts plant and animal tissues, bone, bacteria, and yeast to enable access to nucleic acids. It performs high-speed shaking in tubes or 96-well plates using stainless zirconium or steel, ceramic, or glass beads.

The RNeasy PowerMax Soil Pro Kit is compatible with TissueLyser III. The kit utilizes Qiagen's proprietary Inhibitor Removal Technology for challenging soil samples as part of a streamlined workflow. It is designed for soil samples rich in PCR inhibitors, such as compost, sediment, and manure, and is equipped with larger 50-mL bead-beating tubes to handle soil samples of up to 15 grams.