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Qiagen CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit, Customized Biopharma dPCR Assay Design Service

Qiagen has launched a new digital PCR kit and a service to support customers developing cell and gene therapy (CGT) applications. 

The CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit enables a standardized workflow from cell lysates to perform absolute and precise quantification of viral titers for multiple serotypes using the Qiagen QiAcuity dPCR system.

Qiagen has also partnered with Niba Labs, an analytical laboratory with expertise in dPCR assay development and sample testing, to offer a customized dPCR assay design service for biopharma. The service allows customers using Qiagen's QiAcuity dPCR system to develop new custom simplex or multiplex assays for the quantification of nucleic acids and to optimize existing qPCR assays for the use in digital PCR. Niba Labs will evaluate the performance of the assays and validate them for cell and gene therapy developers.