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PhenomeX Beacon Select Optofluidic System

PhenomeX has launched the Beacon Select optofluidic system with Opto B Discovery workflows form antibody discovery. These products are suitable for small- to mid-sized biopharma companies and CDMOs/CROs, and enable researchers to conduct antibody screening to find lead candidates, PhenomeX said. This is in contrast to the company's four-chip Bacon system, which is optimized for higher-throughput screening at large biopharma companies and more established CDMOs/CROs, the company said. Beacon Select enables rapid function-first selection of single B cells with the best characteristics for any antibody application, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and reagents. In addition, the Opto B Discovery workflows are highly customizable to enable researchers to assess antigen and epitope specificity, species or variant cross-reactivity, and functional properties, all in a single-day workflow, the company said.