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PerkinElmer/Honeycomb Biotechnologies Hive scRNAseq Solution

PerkinElmer and Honeycomb Biotechnologies have commercially launched the Hive scRNAseq Solution for single-cell isolation analysis. The product is a portable, handheld device for the capture, storage, and RNA-seq library preparation of a diverse range of cell types, including fragile and labile cells such as granulocytes, nephrons, hepatocytes, and neurons, the companies said. Hive integrates sample capture and preservation into a single-use device, making it possible to collect samples from multiple sites and maintain sample integrity during storage, shipping, and processing from a central testing lab, which is particularly important for multi-center studies, the companies said. Cells are gently loaded by gravity in volumes up to 4 mL, enabling capture of fragile cell types and processing of sparse samples such as fine needle aspirates, cytobrushes, and flow-sorted cells.